2022 Kitchen Countertop Fashion is Taking Shape!

5 min readMar 10, 2022


This year’s new styles continue to show themselves on kitchen countertops. While the kitchen countertop designs of 2022 stand out only as designs, this year vibrant and white colors come to the fore in quartz models.

While gray and white countertop options are for color keepers, countertop designs are making a comeback this year for larger kitchens. While convenience came to the fore in the kitchen, countertops were removed from the crowd in kitchen countertop designs.

While granite kitchen countertop designs are considered indispensable in 2022, the task of creating color in the kitchen is undertaken by colored countertops.

How to Choose a Kitchen Countertop?

The kitchen is definitely where housewives spend half their lives. It is an indispensable kitchen countertop. Kitchen countertops are indispensable in a kitchen in terms of use.

First of all, it should be useful and functional. In fact, the most important kitchen decoration criterion is the kitchen countertop.

  • Defining various machine types
  • Usage
  • Pros and cons of the bench
  • Kitchen counterexample
  • The most popular machines on the market
  • Which machines are easy and difficult to use and why?
  • What should be considered when choosing a kitchen countertop and what criteria to choose

Since there is nothing that can be changed at any time in the event of boredom, the right bench selection should be made both when buying a new one and when renewing it.

Types of Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops, which have an important place in kitchen decor in terms of functionality and aesthetics, can be produced from a wide variety of materials.

If you find it difficult to decide which materials to choose from the natural stone group such as concrete, glass, stainless steel, wood, Corian then this article is for you! Here are the most used kitchen countertop materials with all their pros and cons.

Quartz Countertop Models

Quartz countertop models, kitchen countertop decorative materials are not easily affected by chemicals due to their high durability and natural shine.

Quartz countertops bring an elegant look to your spaces with quartz counters, which is an indispensable product for those who want a healthier and more elegant appearance. Quartz kitchen countertops, bathroom counters, kitchen counters can look like many other materials.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Countertop?

Being colorful will make your kitchen more stylish. The use of stainless steel countertops in classic, country, or rustic kitchens disrupts harmony. Similarly, in an industrial-style kitchen with modern technology products, the choice of a wood countertop is not recommended.

By choosing a simple kitchen counter, the kitchen will be seen as more elegant and distinctive. On the other hand, a stylish counter is a must in kitchens with simple doors and cabinet handles and in kitchens where accessories are prominent.

The most common complaint about this issue is the yellowing of kitchen counters over time. For this reason, care should be taken to ensure that the selected kitchen counter is of an easy-to-clean type.

In addition, high heat sources such as pans and plates in the oven should not be placed directly on the kitchen counter, regardless of the design of the kitchen and the cookware.

Marble & Granite Selection According to Some Differences

Renovating your kitchen requires a major renovation and financial burden. While minor changes can add a facelift to the kitchen, a complete makeover is necessary, especially when the countertop tiles are old. That’s why there are different calls. We focus on 2 options for renovating kitchen countertops with low cost and quality:

Granite kitchen counter and marble counter. So, should we choose granite or marble for the countertop? The most affordable granite or marble? We know that renovating a kitchen is quite expensive, and the price goes up when we want to apply what we see in the examples.

Differences Between Granite and Marble

There are a few differences between granite and marble countertops, they are the most popular choices for kitchens.

These differences can be listed as follows:

  • In terms of material structure, marble is soft. Like this; It is much easier to encounter unexpected situations such as injuries, injuries, scratches. Unlike marble, granite countertops have a harder material structure and are highly resistant to adverse conditions such as damage, injury, scratching, and are highly durable. In this regard, granite takes a step forward.
  • Another disadvantage of marble countertops is that they turn yellow very quickly. On the other hand, granite is very difficult to stain.
  • In terms of luxury and ostentation; Granite kitchen countertops are flat. If you are a fan of gloss, granite looks more luxurious and ostentatious as it is crystalline.

What is the Most Appropriate Material for Kitchen Countertops?

One of the most important questions to decide when starting to decorate your kitchen is what material you will use for your countertops and cabinets. The colors and features of the materials used in the kitchen should be of the type that can reflect your style.

There are many kinds of materials used in kitchens. In recent years, materials such as sand, stone, and marble have been used by mixing, especially on the counters. The cabinets are made entirely of wood products. It has become much easier to find very attractive and stylish models for kitchen cabinets.

You can also take advantage of the quartz kitchen countertop option for the best kitchen decoration. You can have special kitchen counters made by kitchen planners according to the kitchen and style you will use. You can also buy ready-made kitchens and assemble them in your own kitchen.

Before deciding which application or material and model to choose, consider as many examples as possible to make your choice easier. You can choose our company for quartz kitchen countertops or all other types of countertops and get the most suitable one for your kitchen.




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