Minimalist Kitchen: Tips from an Interior Designer

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Minimalist Kitchen

The original kitchen in the style of minimalism will decorate the apartment and the house. The project can be implemented both in a new apartment and in a typical one, where space is cramped. Laconic interior items visually dissolve in the surrounding space and help maintain order in the kitchen. Minimalist Kitchen, tips from an interior designer.

The main patterns of the trend

All interiors in the style of minimalism are united by several main features:

  • the abundance of air;
  • ergonomic zoning of the available area;
  • a large amount of light;
  • functionality and conciseness of furniture designed in the same style;
  • a limited number of textures, color palettes and texture solutions;
  • geometrically verified lines and the absence of pretentious forms;
  • built-in technology.

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If we talk about the colors that modern minimalist kitchens have, then neutral, calm shades will prevail here. Most often, designers combine delicate pastel colors with chocolate, silver, or standard black. The interior can be both monochrome and contrast. Each option is attractive in its own way. It is recommended to combine with each other no more than 2–3 shades to get a harmonious result.

How to make the interior comfortable and unusual

Minimalism does not mean gloom and excessive severity. Facelessness and asceticism are features that a carefully thought-out design of the room will be deprived of. Experts recommend taking minimalism as a basis and then adding juicy notes to it. This will make the room comfortable and attractive and will reflect in it its own originality and original style. In an urban environment, minimalism is perfectly combined with timeless classics, industrial style, and high-tech.

Please note: The basis of the kitchen should be a well-thought-out layout. When developing your own design project, it is important to carefully consider the ergonomics of the future headset and the space surrounding it in order to find a place for convenient storage of each item. Otherwise, minimalism will turn into a mirage, everything will be filled with things.

Features of choice

Kitchen furniture made in a minimalist kitchen style should combine functionality and performance. The absence of an abundance of decorative elements on the facades and a rather laconic design of the kitchen, combined with the ergonomic organization of cabinets and the presence of hidden areas for convenient storage, make it possible to achieve an impressive result.

Preference is given to built-in headsets. Cabinets are made “recessed” into the walls so that the furniture merges into a single plane with the wall surface. An almost obligatory element is a block of narrow and long cabinets-pencil cases, where built-in appliances are installed. Capacious modules for convenient storage of things are widely used.

Even smooth facades are considered preferable. Masters make them from glossy or matte material. It is advisable to abandon the visible handles and replace them with a simple push opening system. Increasingly popular are hidden handles made of light aluminum alloy or neatly cut directly into the facade. It is allowed to install laconic handles — roof rails on the lower tiers of cabinets.

It may seem that smooth facades lack “soul”. Then they can be replaced by embossed facades made of MDF using volumetric milling technology. Remember that the finish, color, and shape must comply with the generally accepted canons of minimalism.

The kitchens, completely devoid of the top row of cabinets, also look quite organic. Smooth doors and straight lines make the set quite budget-friendly. The most affordable in terms of price will be models with facades made of chipboard.

Headsets with acrylic and plastic front surfaces can compete with them. Headsets made of MDF are considered more environmentally friendly and durable. Unfortunately, they are more expensive. Facades made of MDF can have a variety of decorative coatings. PVC film and enamel, plastic, and veneer are especially popular. Depending on the wishes of the customer, the color of the facades can be almost any. One of the popular solutions is to choose the tone of the facades in a color scheme with the material of the wall surface. The set will visually merge with the overall design of the room, this will visually enlarge the room.

The current solution for decorating spaces in nude colors is a standard white kitchen, with smooth or matte front surfaces. If it is important to highlight the kitchen area in the dining room, then it is recommended to choose the tone of the front surface in contrast with the shade of the walls in the room. Rich black is often used for accents.

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The most popular are black, steel and gray countertops. Artificial and natural stone harmoniously fit into a single concept of the interior. It is desirable that it be monophonic, but the use of material with a slight shimmer effect and pale, not pronounced interspersed particles is also allowed.

The apron can contrast with the main color of the facades or be made in a single tone. The set looks especially attractive, where the countertop and apron are made of one artificial stone. An ergonomic and stylish solution will impress the owner of the room and all his guests. A finished kitchen in which such a solution is implemented will perfectly support the overall aesthetics of minimalism. Glass aprons are also gaining popularity. They are transparent or dyed in one color. An excellent choice would be to use a simple plain brick-like tile. The tile has a chamfer or is made without it.

Porcelain stoneware or tiles are selected in one shade. It is also allowed to use materials imitation of concrete, stone, and wood. Looks great in modern interior rectified tiles, as well as porcelain stoneware. These materials allow laying with minimal seams. The apron will turn into a monolithic surface if you use grout to match the tile.

Choice of household appliances

It is highly desirable to use exclusively built-in technology. This applies even to microwaves and coffee makers. Provide a special niche for small household appliances (blender, meat grinder, and other accessories). Small appliances can also be hidden in the drawer of the kitchen set. As a rule, the hood is used built-in. If you manage to find a modern model with an unusual design, then it also has a right to exist.

The dining table should be comfortable, for this purpose a large-sized option is also suitable. As a material for the manufacture of countertops, they use: solid wood, veneered chipboard, glass, and natural or artificial stone, MDF can be considered a budget option. You can choose a kitchen table of any geometric shape, the main thing here is the convenience of placement. In a miniature kitchen, a transformer table will feel great, the tabletop of which is folding or sliding. Try not to look at the tables-books.

In such a kitchen, a combination of black or light gray countertops with chrome-plated steel legs is ideal. Light plastic in combination with natural wood also allows you to get an impressive result. The combination of these materials will bring coziness to the interior and make it more “spiritual”. If the dining area is connected to the living room, then it is preferable to use a bar counter with a fairly wide countertop as a table. It will be replaced by a more progressive solution — a kitchen island or window sill, covered with a material identical to the countertop. Transparent furniture will also confidently take its place in a minimalist kitchen interior. Colorless chairs are almost invisible in the interior, so they fill the space with lightness. Colored chairs will perfectly serve as a bright accent of the interior, made in nude tones.


The light design perfectly enlivens the space. LED lamps are very popular today. If you add an apron with an LED strip, then the interior will instantly change. Often, LED lighting is also used in the design of the basement. It is fashionable to designate the three most popular lighting solutions:

  • Mini-lamps with local light supply are mounted on the ceiling, a chandelier or suspension will perfectly complement the area above the table, a headset additionally provides hidden lighting above the working area;
  • Perform LED — lighting above the entrance to the kitchen and provide additional lighting devices above the working area;
  • The illumination of the dining group or countertops is combined with tire lamps or spots.

To illuminate the dining group, it is advisable to choose lamps with a concise design, without pretentious elements, but with an original design. The most popular solution is a lamp with a plafond in the form of a ball. These are the simple solutions that this young, but universally popular movement combines. If you like these combinations in design, you can not stop at established clichés and combine or invent your own unique options. Minimalist Kitchen Design




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